"Wisdom has built her House, she has hewn out her Seven Pillars" Proverbs 9:1
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Building our Tiny Retreat

Almost 4yrs ago when we moved here, the house had a little single carport adjacent to the house, but not really lined up well with the drive or gates.  Since then we built the double carport in front of it, and , after much patient (sometimes inpatient) waiting by me, especially when I read of others in the midst of building tiny houses and studios in their backyards, ....... my very wonderful hubbie decided to start work on transforming the single carport into that extra space so we have somewhere for friends and family to stay when they come to visit with us.

You can see the side fence through the framework & the cute window with the mirror.

  I've now named it "the retreat", as I see myself being able to retreat out to it and enjoy some space away from the living area of our home where there will be NO television!!  We are spending minimal money on it, using lots of left over building material we already have here for the framework.  In order to reduce the amount of outside sheeting or plasterboard inside we took a trip to a second hand place back in September to purchase some 2nd hand old windows and door.  We managed to find some old fashioned style large windows for 2 sides which will take up much of the area, an old door, and a smaller window for the far end which is an old bathroom window which has a mirror in the middle on the inside with the old bathroom shaving cabinet behind it!  We got all these windows and door for less than $200.00 

As you can see you can walk straight out from our kitchen door on the house across the side verandah and it will lead into the little retreat!  We still have a way to go and completion will slow down as Pete has to return to work on Friday.  He had hoped to get the concrete floor in, but has decided he will get the concrete premixed which means waiting till the concrete company return to work in mid January.  In the meantime however, I get to find, source and locate and plan how the inside will work, what curtains, floor covering, small benchtop counter will go inside.  I'm quite excited that I will have this little project to keep me busy with over the next few months as I make things to go inside to make it cosy and inviting, but simple and minimal.
The view from the washing line towards the front driveway. You an see the double carport there right in the front of the property.  The laundry steps and my herbs are in the foreground of the picture


Here is the view from the front yard.  I like how its tucked away with bushes between it and the next door fence, even though the next door red roof still stands out for now.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds perfecrt Sharm....

Abbi said...

What a fun project!

M.K. said...

What an exciting addition to your home! I'm looking forward to reading about its development and how you finish the inside.