"Wisdom has built her House, she has hewn out her Seven Pillars" Proverbs 9:1
I look forward to having you come join me as we work to turn our houses into homes.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making the Floor Mats

Some of you have asked if I would give a little "how to" for the floor mats I made up last weekend.  Well, first of all I have to give most of the credit to a good penfriend of mine.... Lyn Sheppard,
 who actually makes something similar and so this is how I got the idea.  Since I have lots of old bath towels I really would like to use them up rather than just throw them out..... hence the idea.

So first of all grab yourself an old bath towel and cut in half, this will be the back of your mat and you will sew your scraps directly onto it.
Grab some scrap fabrics that you want to use and line the first one up with any edge of the towel and sew it down.

Keep adding material scraps to each piece you sew down - I iron over a little hem before I sew it down so I don't have any raw edges on top, but you could choose to have the raw edges up and zig zag over them instead.  Just keep adding scraps until the whole towel is covered on one side.

Now cut some material for binding the edges - I used some black checked gingham and cut them 3 inches wide.  I ironed over a hem along one edge and sewed it to the back first, then folded it over to the front, making sure I folded it under so no raw edge showed and sewed it down!  Voila!  all done and ready to use!  Best of all they are quick to make up, easy to wash and dry and look rather nice!  If you need something else explained just ask away.  Hugs Sharm

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Last night was the Friday Night Sew in hosted by Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts .   It's held every 3rd Friday of the month

 and this time since I needed to get things made for our home as opposed to gifts, I decided it would be good to post about it here on The 7 Pillars Home blog so that others following here might be able to make these simple mats as well. 

We have finally had to start throwing out our floor mats (which I inherited from my grandmother a number of years ago), that are just plain worn out and thanks to my friend Lyn who told me she sews together scraps to make her floor mats, well, that's what I have done.  Since I seem to have quite an abundance of old towels I cut one in half and made a nice good sized floor mat to put in front of the kitchen sink!

I was pleased with how it turned out so I got started on a mat for our dog Scruffy. For this one I cut up a flannelette pillow case I don't plan on using, to put in with the other bits.  Scruffy loves to sit on a mat right next to Pete's chair, I'm sure it's just so he can get a scratch on the head every so often LOL  Anyhow, I got it finished and called out to him to see what Mr Scruffy thought about it??  Well, I barely got it down on the ground in the designated spot next to the chair when he was straight onto it...............checked it out
 Approval received!  Guess its a winner!!

I'll be making more of these mats, so quick & easy and I just edged them with some black gingham. 
Also last night I wanted to get my ripple rug finished off.  Its one I've been making so I can use it on the cold evenings sitting watching TV or reading or such. 
Some of the wools that have been used have come from internet friends in parts of  Australia, US, Canada and Alaska which makes it kind of special to me :)  It got put on hold not so long ago as I needed to get a Beanie made up for my Son for his birthday
and then a I had my first attempt at a pair of fingerless gloves for my DIL birthday.
They will be coming down this way in a few weeks for a visit and I have no doubt they will feel the cold!!

So thanks to FNSI I managed to get a couple of much needed items for our home completed! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August is Here Already!

Wow, how time flies by at times! Have you noticed that as well?  I've been kept just a tad busy the last couple of weeks as I decided I needed a bit if assistance to loose a few kilos and gain back a bit of health and fitness.  In the process of signing up for a 12 wk program through the Michelle Bridges on line 12WBT, I have come across a wonderful bunch of other ladies around my age who are also trying to improve their health & fitness.  I've been busy printing out some wonderful recipes and healthy tips all of which will of course be placed in the Homestead Binder which I've talked about setting up previously.... 

 Now for me, all of this has to fit in with my life around our little 1/3 acre homestead....so part of the exercise program for me is going to have to incorporate gardening!  See how the peas have grown...not long now before we can start picking!  Somehow we have ended up with this little purple one.......I'm waiting to see if it turns out to be a purple podded  pea??  We had those a few years back..yum!
The girls have been enjoying today, which has turned out lovely and sunny, nice change after all the rain we've been having!  These are my 8 girls who work hard for their keep!  They are expected to turn over soil, provide fertiliser  and eggs, keep down bugs and provide comic relief!
In turn they seem to enjoy themselves and have taken a special liking to the old cane cat carrier that has been turned into a nesting box for them
They can thank Pete ( my wonderful Hubbie) for the great sawdust which he collected on a tarp while sawing up wood for the wood heater we have!
Since I last chatted with you, we have had our bedroom wall extended out to the edge of the eaves which has given us a wardrobe!!!   All the clothes have been moved into it and hopefully during the next week or two, it will get some sliding doors!  Pete picked up a couple of mirror doors for nothing, so hoping they fit.....if not, guess Ill be making a curtain LOL
Well, I best get to some crochet I need to get finished, and I can hear the kookaburras have arrived for their evening feed we put out....
... Have a blessed Sunday evening and a wonderful week ahead!
hugs, Sharm