"Wisdom has built her House, she has hewn out her Seven Pillars" Proverbs 9:1
I look forward to having you come join me as we work to turn our houses into homes.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The ripple is growing....

My very first go at making a ripple afghan seems to be coming along quite ok.  I'm using wool that has either been sitting in my stash or came via some swaps... The green is from my penpal group swap last year, the very lovely burgundy angora was from a yarn group swap & came from Alaska so I feel I am crocheting with friends :).  Anyhow though you might like a bit of a peek at it......

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some of my recycled treasures

I can't believe I haven't posted on here since January!  My apologies, as the 7 pillars also has a face book page & I guess at some point it became easier  and quicker to upload photos there!  In fact with it being so long, there might not be anyone left here still checking in. LOL. Am I just talking to myself then??? Perhaps, but oh we'll, that's ok too I guess.
I thought I'd pop in a couple of photos of some of the treasures around our house that have been rescued from old sheds and houses that were being demolished.  Pete was told he could burn, bury or take away......... So some stuff comes home and gets some TLC and becomes a useable treasure....
The pie safe which has all my preserves, soaps, seeds, spare jars.  The table was built especially for us from a large gum that Pete had to take down when roads were being built some years ago.  The chairs were also handmade by an old fellow in his 80's at that time.

This was being used as an old chicken incubators when pete found it, and fixed it up...... The blue bottles have also been finds from various times..... Now it lives in our bathroom.

This lovely old writing desk just fits into our tiny bedroom  and gets used for storage since I can't fit a chest of drawers into our bedroom.