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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dishcloth Swap and Shiny Sinks

Don't forget about the Dishcloth swap - time is running out to register for this.  You have until 20th January to sign up....  all you need do is make 3 dishcloths and have them ready to post out on 31st Jan.  You also need to include a treat to go with them..... perhaps a sachet of nice coffee, tea or chocolate to enjoy!  Just leave me a comment at the bottom of this post, or email me if you want to take part

Following my home challenge to simplify my home (missions and challenges can be found by tapping on the tab "simplify My Home Challenge" above)  I've been working my way through my kitchen.  It's amazing the amount of stuff that accumulates in cupboards and drawers!!  I have just one set of crockery plus a set of large bowls (useful for when we have spaghetti or soups and
stews)...... but I am sick of having to bend down to access them......  voila, they are now located in the big drawer for easy access.  It's another way to simplify things, which is the whole point of this exercise!    But I also love to see a nice shiny sink....... it tends to make the kitchen sparkle, even when a cupboard bench might have a pile of shopping on it waiting to be put away,  or  family have done the daily "dump the goods".   I sprinkle bicarb of soda over it all with a good lot over the drain holes,  use a toothbrush to give the taps and edges and drain plugs a scrub, then pour white vinegar over it all, give it a wipe over and pour a bit more vinegar down the plug holes (this helps to clear and clean the drain pipes and neutralises nasty smells).  Then just rinse it all away and dry it down!

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