"Wisdom has built her House, she has hewn out her Seven Pillars" Proverbs 9:1
I look forward to having you come join me as we work to turn our houses into homes.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Happened to Time?

Somebody has been at my place and stolen time!  I'm sure of it....... I seem to blink and bam, the week is over and another is already underway!!  I recently stumbled upon a little quiz asking if you were a "Rushing Woman"  Given the first 2 questions were pretty much a resounding YES for me, it made me  sit a moment and reflect!  I ended up purchasing the ebook..... an interesting read that I'm currently in the middle of.
I'm well known for having several projects (if not more) on the go at one time,  I do finish things ...

like this jumper for Pete 
and I have a top on the go for me ....... (what a learning curve this one is!!) .......... things are always busy, and yes, I'm always rushing....... or at least I feel like I'm always on a deadline! 
 It wasn't that way a number of years ago......   Sometimes "life" just happens and throws things into a bit of chaotic jumble  (which it most certainly has for us this year), however I'm getting a little tired of being a mouse on one of those treadmills.........  running, running and yet never seeming to actually get anywhere
And the little mouse cries out  "Help!  Somebody Get Me Off Here!!".......... well we have to actually Stop and step off ........ maybe you already have,   As for me, I'm in the process, that lightbulb moment of startling reality!   Time to stop, take stock and change rhythm's  particularly now  before it gets any closer to the end of the year!!

I've taken a little notebook ...I decided not to question the lists I was about to make, just start by writing them........ I started by making a list of all the online stuff I try to keep up with (emails, my blogs, other blogs, Ravelry, FB etc),   then I made a list of all the things I actually enjoy doing when I have the time to do them (like sewing, gardening, knitting, walking etc)....... Then came the list I entitled  "What's Currently Taking a Drain/Toll on Me"  (things like I don't seem to be able to keep on top of the housework lately, Constantly feeling tired with no energy etc)........ 
Then came the Hard List  "What Do I Want"   I always seem to be so busy looking after other people, that I come way down and having to think about What I, myself want was quite difficult, but actually refreshing  (Funnily enough after a few other things I found myself putting down that I really want My house clean, tidy, ordered and beautiful to me...... and I want it to look like that all the time!!)  Now, I didn't say the lists had to be realistic, just to write them down....... to actually see that written down indicated why not keeping on top of the housework was creating the emotional drain on me that it is..... there is that lightbulb again!!   Now I know you are all going to shout at me saying, hey, but you have that Home Challenge going getting everything in order...... that may be so, but we had a lot of changes around here including having an adult child move back home...... originally for 3 wks, which has turned into 8 months and so bedrooms and rooms in a small house have had to be shifted around....... and the 24 yr old daughter was moving out, but that fell through so hence more changes...... items of furniture and such are living in the lounge area that don't actually belong here!!  Thus my cooking, cleaning times have increased (as you might imagine )lol  You might also have noticed I'm late in even mentioning the challenge this month....... not much of August left is there ??   But I do have a bit of a plan now........ First of all, I'm trying to make sure I take the time to notice and enjoy the small things again
I'm making a concentrated effort to reduce my coffee intake, increase my water and herbal teas and get to bed at a reasonable time.
Echidna wandering just up the road from us... First one I've seen here .
I plan to sort out my Wardrobe!!!    And work on getting the paperwork and office under control which is only halfway sorted out.  I'll let you know how I'm going......... let me know if you are keeping me company doing any of this yourself........ or perhaps it is just Me and everybody else is well under control :)

Have a great day