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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's Happening ?

Some weeks just seem to fly by when life throws a few curve balls, but then, that 's life and the
important thing is to know that and keep moving forward.  So rather than bog you down on all the negatives, let's check in on some positives from this week........  The dishcloth Swap have dishcloths being mailed from one continent to another, and while some are currently in transit, I've had some lovely dishcloths arrive from Julie which I plan to put to good use!!  I've also sent out my package, so hopefully it should arrive very soon...... it does have a long way to fly, and apparently it's rather cold where it's headed!!

I'm currently working on a few projects for our home.............. I'm one of those people who consider that you need a few projects going at the same time so you can easily slip from sewing, to crochet, to knitting............ you get the idea :)  So here is what I'm working on at present....

Some hexies using only the materials I currently have here ....... different colours each month to end up with a wonderful Rainbow Quilt that will end up in the little cabin when we get it completed!

Then there is this teapot cosy  which is getting knitted

 and  a crocheted Market Bag

And this week, I found  Ravelry ...... a site for those who love using yarn in any way, shape or form!!  I'm thinking its a perfect place for all the goodies I make for around our home.  Are there any other Rav users out there?  Give me a shout if you use Rav, or have been there and gotten lost (a very easy thing to do, since its quite a big site).

Summer continues to give us days that are in the mid 40's........ we are currently sitting on 46 celcius according to the temp gauge we have which is located in the SHADE !!  Hate to think what it is in the full sun!  The poor raspberries are not going so well with this heat, and it's way too hot for anything much happening in the garden today!  Have a fabulous week everyone!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Such lovely creations! And the dishcloths going to such a wonderful cause. Makes me wish I could crochet so I could help out, too! So hard to imagine that it's hot where you are Sharmayne! My goodness, it is so cold here... Lori

M.K. said...

Pretty, pretty dishcloths :) It's hard to imagine the heat there - we are so cold, damp, awaiting more snow! Can't wait to see the tea cozy when it's done -- it looks very pretty.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like you are keeping busy Sharm

Jeanette said...

Hi Sharm, I'm Jeanette. I am visiting from the GYB party and I look forward to reading more. Nice to meet you!

Abbi said...

Fun projects!
Hope you can stay cool while we continue to work to stay warm! :-)
Have a blessed week!