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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Anniversary

No, I haven't exactly gone AWOL...... just disappeared with my hubbie for a few days to celebrate our 29th Anniversary!  For the past 10 - 15yrs once the children were older, I have tried to ensure we get at least a couple of days away from home, by ourselves around our anniversary - this seems to satisfy everybody as to why we are going away and ensures we get that time just to ourselves, to reboot, refocus, ensure we are still working towards the same goals, or change goals if that's what we decide, but we get to have uninterrupted time to have conversations with each other!

So, we Boarded the plane
And this year we took off to Hobart, Tasmania................  Such a beautiful city on the water, and gateway to Antarctica!

We went to the large Salamanca Markets on the Saturday morning, which stretch 1.6km with 360 stalls!  Lots to see there including the wonderful handcrafted wood products made from Huon Pine wood, local to Tasmania
It was also lovely to get to visit some very old and special friends of ours who have recently moved to Tasmania.  They are living in a wonderful little village called Cygnet, which is also right on the water.  Sue and Steve are very special friends of ours from when our children were very young and we had the best time catching up with them!  Steve even took us on a wonderful drive around the area which we both enjoyed.  Here is a little pic of the yacht harbour at Cygnet.....
And since the last time we were in Tassie, was for our 20th anniversary where Pete bought me the
cutest stuffed toy...... an echidna named Edna from a Teddy Bear Shop situated on the village green of a little township called Richmond...........  so off we went to Richmond for a friend for Edna, unfortunately although the old house was still there, the teddy shop was almost bare and nothing extra special that stood out.
Although it was only a few days, it was a fabulous time away together and a time we always use to help to strengthen our marriage.  Marriage is something special, and anything special always needs that bit of extra care, attention to detail, and not trying to copy somebody else!  May God bless you and your marriage also,
Hugs,   Sharm 


111 LaLa Lane said...

Happy Anniversary!

M.K. said...

What a beautiful trip! Thanks so much for taking us along and sharing your time with us. I'm so glad you got away together -- we do that also, and it truly nourishes and re-energizes the marriage. Glad you're back too, and didn't fall off the planet - haha!!

Abbi said...

What a fun time! Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are actually just getting ready to go on a trip like this of our own. We will be exploring the Florida Keys. We have tried to do anniversary trips most years as well. This will be to celebrate our 15th anniversary (which was actually in December).