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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starting is Easy.............

Spring Cleaning, Autumn Cleaning, whatever you want to refer to it as........... well, it simply means we are, or rather our house is ready for a good deep cleaning to brush off the dust and clean out some of that clutter that tends to accumulate in places!  It can be daunting....... the whole "where do I even begin" scenario is all too common!  So.......... let's break it down and make it fun and easy at the same time!  This is NOT something that is going to miraculously occur overnight (unless you have the time for a marathon clean out with no interuptions!), so we'll be tackling this one bite at a time.  I'll be listing all these entries under the label of Spring Cleaning Help to make it easier for you to find.

So let's start with a bit of fun......... go check out your bedside tables - can you find 3 or more items on there that really shouldn't be "living" there??  I currently have butter menthols, tissues and a tub of moisterizer!  Time to get them back to their "real" homes and dust down those little tables with a nice bit of furniture polish or conditioner!  While you're at it.......... run the dusting cloth over the bedhead.   Now how much more inviting does that look already?

Next, let's go check out the front of the fridge............ yep, you heard me, the front of the fridge.  If you are like 90% of women out there (including me), then you have a number of fridge magnets holding lots and lots of bits of paper , dockets, photos etc...............  do you have more than 10?  As you can see - I surely do........OK, how many of those do you actually look at, need up there, or refer to??  How many are outdated??  Make yourself a cuppa, and while the kettle is boiling start reading your way through them all......... sort them as you go (bin those that are out of date or no longer useful, any phone numbers should be heading into your phone contact book, and the others can be filed, pinned to a notice board or placed into your homesteading binder. (I'll be explaining the use and the how to of the homesteading binder in another post.) Decide on which ones need to stay up there..... For me, that will be the shopping/erand list and possibly my menu list for the week.  Currently I have a 5wkly menu list that hangs on the inside of my pantry - but I need to have a "current week" menu up in my face so it's easy to see at a glance (once all that other stuff is out the way LOL).
So now we have a starting place and you have something clean and clear in both your kitchen and your bedroom!

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