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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Give Away!!!

It would seem that everyone just loves a give away!  So in celebration of beginning this new blog, I thought I'd have one.   Whenever I'm cleaning the house, I just really love to have candle melts going in several rooms.  I love the fragrance going throughout the house as I'm cleaning it.  I'm trying to use more natural products, so the candlemelts I use are ones I make from beeswax and essential oils, and since this blog is devoted to turning our houses into homes, I thought I'd give a selection of candle melts away. 
 They come in Rose, Orange, Lemon, Musk, Vanilla, Patchoulli, and Lavender!  .....and smell divine I might add!  If you've never used a candle melt before - easy - just get out one of your old oil burners that you put a tea light into the bottom of, and then instead of putting oil in the top (which tends to attract dust), just pop one of these beauties into the top and let it melt down.  When the tea light goes out and it cools down, the solidify again so you don't get the dust going right through! I thought a little bundle of 10 would be nice.

Now because this is a new blog, in order to be in the running to receive this prize, you need to become a member (click on the "join this group" - if you are already a member - thankyou and you will be entered).  If you join and then mention my giveaway on your own blog (let me know in the comments section that you've done this) - then you'll receive another entry..... and because I'm feeling even more generous....... if you happen to be on facebook and "like" my page there, ...... then yes, you get  yet another  entry!  This giveaway is open to overseas as well as here in Australia.  Leave a comment letting me know which fragrance or fragrances you would like in your bundle.
Give away closes on 30th Sep (Australian time)........... with the draw taking place on 1st October, 2012.


Anonymous said...

congrats Sharm on your lovely new blog,this is a great idea.
My favourite is either musk or vanilla,lol,they all sound nice.xx

Cheryll said...

Oh most definitely LAVENDER for me please. Of course I have to win first...lol ! :)

Cheryll said...
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Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my ,Did you make these ? You have chickens now/!?! So wonderful!!
Well, I'd love the orange or lemon. :)