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Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's May!

Welcome to May....... Mothers Day tomorrow, which makes me think of sitting and stitching or the clicking of knitting needles :)  What a happy thought that is.   I guess this means that May should be the month for sorting out your stashes of material, yarn, craft items, patterns........ how many UFO's can you find that you started with great intentions and never got completed??  I know I have quite a few, but I'm not sure exactly how many....... yet lol  

The little cabin is completed and I'm in the process of getting things into it...... Have I really got that much yarn????  Looks like I will need to get a few afghans crocheted up during the winter months.
My stripey afghan is halfway done........ once completed it will live in here.  I'm so pleased with how it is looking and how the colours seem to have worked so well together without us actually planning it that way.  Hubbie picked out the wall colour, the floor vinyl was a roll end, the stool was actually bought from a stall at the market when we only had the frame up, and the sofa bed was a purchase from the opp shop last week....... and yet they all work so well together!   I'm looking forward to getting some furnishings made up to have in here.   I'm also planning to have a little craft afternoon to celebrate it being completed, and since it will be my birthday on Friday, I'm thinking of trying to get something organised for that  Saturday afternoon........ craft, coffee, cake and friends...... sounds good to me!
Talk again soon,   Hugs Sharm

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