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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making the Floor Mats

Some of you have asked if I would give a little "how to" for the floor mats I made up last weekend.  Well, first of all I have to give most of the credit to a good penfriend of mine.... Lyn Sheppard,
 who actually makes something similar and so this is how I got the idea.  Since I have lots of old bath towels I really would like to use them up rather than just throw them out..... hence the idea.

So first of all grab yourself an old bath towel and cut in half, this will be the back of your mat and you will sew your scraps directly onto it.
Grab some scrap fabrics that you want to use and line the first one up with any edge of the towel and sew it down.

Keep adding material scraps to each piece you sew down - I iron over a little hem before I sew it down so I don't have any raw edges on top, but you could choose to have the raw edges up and zig zag over them instead.  Just keep adding scraps until the whole towel is covered on one side.

Now cut some material for binding the edges - I used some black checked gingham and cut them 3 inches wide.  I ironed over a hem along one edge and sewed it to the back first, then folded it over to the front, making sure I folded it under so no raw edge showed and sewed it down!  Voila!  all done and ready to use!  Best of all they are quick to make up, easy to wash and dry and look rather nice!  If you need something else explained just ask away.  Hugs Sharm

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Bean said...

Thank you for the "how to" :) I think these would be excellent to make up for the dog to lay on as i could make several so that they can washed frequently. And as for old towels, they are the only towels we have!! LOL