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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August is Here Already!

Wow, how time flies by at times! Have you noticed that as well?  I've been kept just a tad busy the last couple of weeks as I decided I needed a bit if assistance to loose a few kilos and gain back a bit of health and fitness.  In the process of signing up for a 12 wk program through the Michelle Bridges on line 12WBT, I have come across a wonderful bunch of other ladies around my age who are also trying to improve their health & fitness.  I've been busy printing out some wonderful recipes and healthy tips all of which will of course be placed in the Homestead Binder which I've talked about setting up previously.... 

 Now for me, all of this has to fit in with my life around our little 1/3 acre homestead....so part of the exercise program for me is going to have to incorporate gardening!  See how the peas have grown...not long now before we can start picking!  Somehow we have ended up with this little purple one.......I'm waiting to see if it turns out to be a purple podded  pea??  We had those a few years back..yum!
The girls have been enjoying today, which has turned out lovely and sunny, nice change after all the rain we've been having!  These are my 8 girls who work hard for their keep!  They are expected to turn over soil, provide fertiliser  and eggs, keep down bugs and provide comic relief!
In turn they seem to enjoy themselves and have taken a special liking to the old cane cat carrier that has been turned into a nesting box for them
They can thank Pete ( my wonderful Hubbie) for the great sawdust which he collected on a tarp while sawing up wood for the wood heater we have!
Since I last chatted with you, we have had our bedroom wall extended out to the edge of the eaves which has given us a wardrobe!!!   All the clothes have been moved into it and hopefully during the next week or two, it will get some sliding doors!  Pete picked up a couple of mirror doors for nothing, so hoping they fit.....if not, guess Ill be making a curtain LOL
Well, I best get to some crochet I need to get finished, and I can hear the kookaburras have arrived for their evening feed we put out....
... Have a blessed Sunday evening and a wonderful week ahead!
hugs, Sharm

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Bean said...

I like the nesting box, very homey looking. We keep chickens too, 6 old hens, 9 almost ready to lay pullets, and two roosters who were supposed to be pullets!!