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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patience.......... and Amish Proverbs

Well what else could I call this post when I look and see my last post had a pic of the foggy morning (which really showed it looking much clearer than it was), together with a short post saying I'll be back in a couple of days to post!!!  Goodness!  Either you have been very patiently waiting (knowing that I seem to have numerous family life issues being juggled), or you've decided I must have fallen off the planet and you've given up and left.  Sometimes, life can just be plain difficult ....... I love the Amish Proverb  "Be like the teakettle; when it's up to its neck in hot water, it sings."

 On the other hand, I can't say I could blame you, especially these days with so many involved with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Ravelry and who knows what other "instant" things are out there.  And to be very honest, I myself get caught up with some of those quite frequently ( I have several knitting projects on the go from various KALs), and because of the almost instant responses, it's quiet easy to get caught out for a longer period of time than you had set aside, hence other things get pushed back.  As I was once reminded by an old friend, we each of us have 24hrs (1440 mins) to every day, how we choose to use those minutes, or allow others to use it for us, is up to each of us.  We get out of our days, what we put in....... the old "you reap what you sow".  Or the Amish proverb "Enjoy today....... it won't come back".  I think that says a lot for itself!!  All the best laid plans are to no avail, if we don't actually carry them out!
Ovens River, Wangaratta - lots of rain around here lately

For the past 6months we've had 2 of our adult children living here at home (DD has actually been back for close to 4 yrs now). Since we had downsized before we knew this was going to happen, it's been a bit squeezy here at times, piles of stuff often occur as they wait to find new homes to live and I juggle other items.  In the next couple of weeks DD is set to move to Melbourne to a little unit, so she is currently busy learning about decluttering, sorting and packing.  I think July is going to be a month for decluttering in general as I shift things around again.  However its also winter, and time for working with yarns.  I finally finished my hitchhiker scarf, and I'll be wearing it to Bendigo to the Woollen Show which is on the 18th July!  I'll be away with a group of girls for a few days as we indulge in hours of knitting, crochet, chatting and visiting the show together.  But now, I best get using some of those minutes I was talking about to get a spot of cleaning done here and a pot of something yummy onto the woodfire to begin cooking ready for tonights dinner.
Have a blessed day,
Hugs Sharm     
My hitchhiker scarf made using Wollmeiser Yarn


wendy said...

Again saying I really like your scarf and time wasting happens here a lot lol

Narelle said...

Adore your bovine kettle :o)

Mrs. Doug said...

The scarf is beautiful. I know how you feel about using all your minutes. My two daughters and their sons have been with us this summer and it is very "squeezy" here too. They will be moving into a rental together close by in the near future and before school starts for the boys. I love having them here, but it is hectic and we have lost much of our "together" time to "family" time.

The garden is growing very well and we had some good rain yesterday which will really perk it up. Mr D and I have been able to keep up with the weeds so far.

Happy day to you.