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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Progress on the Little Cabin

You may remember back around Christmas time, we had decided to build in the single carport
 (now that we have the larger double carport sitting in front of it).  The single carport sits on its own, just to the side of our cottage, where the side veranda leading to the kitchen door is.
  We purchased some very large second hand old fashioned windows and a door very cheaply.  This way it would also cut the cost of outer boards, inner walls and insulation needed, plus let in plenty of light making you feel like you were outside.  Things like this tend to progress slowly, in bits and pieces as time and finances allow.  My wonderful hubbie has done all the work himself (with just a small amount of help here and there from myself and dear daughter).  
 Having had this week off work due to a medical procedure, and getting bored to death after just a day or two sitting around, he just had to do something to keep himself busy. 

Window seals repaired and outer window painted

Plastering underway ...... a first for Hubbie and coming along very well!!! 
 We are calling it the cabin at present, but I still feel that's not quite the name .......... I'm sure once its completed it will soon get named as such! 

A night time view with a portable light on inside
 I am looking forward to setting it up inside.  I plan to have a small sink area so I can make the all important cup of coffee without having to come inside, and since we already have a "bar" fridge that is currently stored in the shed, I plan to bring that in as well.   I'll be looking out for one of those sofas that can be pulled out to become a bed.   I can already envisage some potted plants around it ........... once the area is cleaned up from the building site look that is lol    And that is where we are up to for  the moment.   
Hugs, Sharm


111 LaLa Lane said...

Great progress! Can't wait to see it once it's finished.

Lynda said...

The cabin is coming along nicely! It's like watching an episode of Grand Designs !!

:) xx

M.K. said...

Thank you SO much for updating us on this project -- it's so exciting to see it come together, and your hubby is doing a fantastic job! It looks beautiful. You can actually do a lot with small appliances -- a microwave, an electric tea kettle, even a little single burner tabletop "stove." How fun! Can't wait to see what you do with the inside :)