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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hard Stuff.........

"She is loud and rebellious (wayward),  Her feet do not stay at home; Now in the street, now in the market, and lurking at every corner"   Prov 7:11-12    It's easy to skip over these couple of verses when reading the whole chapter.......... and no doubt thinking "that doesn't apply to me"......... yet when we pull out these 2 verses it shows a whole different picture!  This girl, woman - she likes to be the centre of attention (she is loud).......... in other words,  This woman is rebellious, wayward, always considers herself to be right - she does not want to be told anything, or listen to anyone else - and if she is in a marriage it's likely she wants (or is) trying to play the lead role!  If she's still at home - then I'm sure others in the family will recognise the rebellious behaviour (she rarely agrees on anything unless it is what she wants!).
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"Her feet do not stay at home"......... This refers to a woman who is not tending to the needs of her home, her family, her household. She is so "busy" being out and about she doesn't have time to achieve anything much at home!   How can you possibly be taking care of things at home if you are never there!!  Now before I hear the cries of the working woman, let me remind you that I work outside the home in a part time capacity.  My husband is not a christian and so his beliefs are a "little different" to mine.  He feels it is part of my responsability to bring money into the household.  I struggled with this to no end  early on, however God reminded me that regardless of where my husband is in his spiritual journey, I need to remember where I am in mine!  In my journey with God, I know that I need to follow God and He tells me to follow my husband. He also has given me prayer and wisdom to use as tools to work out problems.......... Hence I have what works for us at this point in time - My husband wants me to bring in money, He is also extremely happy when I have the home in order........... thus part time outside employment is a great compromise for our particular situation (provided I remember the reasons I'm doing it). I would be overjoyed to be able to be a "stay at home" wife and mother, but if I carry on about wanting my own way on this, then I ere on the "She is loud and rebellious".
So regardless of your "work" situation - we are really discussing tending to the needs of your home, family and household. "Now in the steet, now in the market (shops), now lurking at every corner".   Are you guilty of always being elsewhere - out shopping for the sake of shopping (we are not talking about the purchase of neccesary household items here), wandering the streets looking for "good bargains", or for filling in time, endless lunch and coffee dates with the girls, always on the phone chatting (or the computer)............. And then saying aloud those words we so often here "I don't have  enough time".    
If you use the time you have effectively, then you will be able to do these things, and probably more than you ever thought possible!  
I am definately no superwoman!  I definately do not strive to be one!  What I do strive to do, is to take care of my family's needs, to tend to my home and to the household tasks that are required in order to achieve much of this.
How you feel about this subject is central to what you will achieve.  It's one of our  pillars............ Any guesses which one.......

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