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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is it that close already?????

Sorry to be the one to tell you........... but Christmas is just over 11 weeks away!!!  How does it come around so quickly I wonder?  So if you haven't thought about it, or decided to try to put that thought aside for a while............ watch out, because it is creeping up.  So this seems like an ideal time to "Bring out the Household Binder
http://www.the7pillarshome.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/the-homestead-binder.html" again -

 this time we are turning to the section that deals with "gift giving".  Depending on how you have chosen to lay out your binder you may just have a section entitled gifts, or you may want to divide that up further to have a whole separate section devoted to Christmas that may include more than just gifts.  As you can see from the date - I made my cover sheet a couple of years ago when I decided to update it (and I should have left the date off). It was one I did up quickly using some christmas fabric and glue sticks.  Have some fun getting yourself ready for christmas by just making up your section divider, and before you know it  you'll be putting down all sorts of ideas!

Since I use "The 7 Household Pillars" as guides within my binder to help me keep focus on why I do things........ The Christmas Giving section goes in behind one of the Pillars.  In other words, the pillars are each made up of various building blocks which together form a pillar (a bit like brick and mortar make the brick pillars of buildings). For me, I like to have my christmas giving as part of Pillar 7 .........

I did have a couple of years where things were so hectic and we had interstate moves and such that I was no way near ready for Christmas until about 4 weeks after it was over!!   Now I don't make a "huge" deal over it - but I do like it to be a time where I can spread some joy and gifting without being stressed over it all.   I try to have a few little items put aside in a basket with little ribbons or such on them so that if someone pops in over that time and I want to give them a little something - I have it there on hand (maybe some home made jam, soaps, pincushion, crocheted dishcloth etc).  These are little items you can make up through out the year to have on hand (all year round - after all, they make good little birthday and thankyou gifts too).  I keep a copy of small patterns I might like to use for christmasy items in this section in order - it helps when you are trying to come up with ideas sometimes.

I'm also one of those old fashioned gals that still likes to use snail mail and has some penfriends scattered in various parts.............sooooo, I like to send out christmas cards.  Speaking of those - I see they are in the shops (yes, I should be making them, but alas - not this year).  So I will be purchasing some of those this coming week and begin getting them written in and addressed so they can all be ready to post out on the 1st December :)   If you are one who likes to do up a "christmas" family newsletter - why not start on that now - easy to save as you go and then it's ready just to print out and post (or email) at the start of December!

It's raining here today - so it's just perfect weather for working on some gifts......... Love Sharm

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